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Raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, I was always surrounded by
family.  At a young age, I met my future husband, my high
school sweet heart, who also came from a large, close family.  In
August 2007, he moved to Joplin, Missouri to attend Ozark
Christian College, and a year later, after graduating high school
with 30 college credits, I also moved to Joplin to attend Missouri
Southern State University with a full-ride scholarship from the
Honors Program.  In June 2009, my husband and I married and
eagerly looked forward to the future. We share a passion for
serving, and in fact, spent the entire summer together doing an
unpaid internship in Eastern Europe, where I researched in the
schools and taught English and he focused on humanitarian aid.  

It was as a requirement for the Honors Program that I first began
this project.  We were required to complete a senior thesis or
culminating assignment.  When I submitted my proposal, it was
the first semester that the Honors Program allowed what they
refer to as “creative projects.”  These projects are not simple
research studies.  Instead, they are creations based on
research and learning.  This is the route I chose, and I submitted
a proposal to create my own literacy curriculum organized into
literature focus units.  I spent about nine months creating this
project after about three months of research and review of
literature on what should be incorporated into the curriculum.  At
the end of the nine months, I gave a well-received presentation
to the university about what I had created.  Although I have
received a grade for what I have done, I do not see this as a
finished product.  Instead, I see this curriculum as something I
hope to build on and continually improve into the future.

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