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Title of Project: Medicine Cabinet or Candy Box?      by Angela P.

Purpose of the Project:
Creating awareness of the many drugs and candy that
can look a lot alike.

Description of the Project: This display examines the similarities between
common OTC drugs and candy look-a-likes.

CSHE Area that this project aligns with: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Developmentally appropriate grade or grade-range: 3rd and up

Equipment/Items needed to make this project:
Small foam project board, candy (Skittles, Altoids, Smarties, Good n' Fruity,
Cinnamon Candy, Gummy Bears, Tic Tacs, Good n' Plenty, Hot Tamales), various
OTC drugs (aspirin, benadryl, ibuprofen, cold medicine, etc.), Hot Glue gun and

Specific directions:
Purchase different candies that look like common OTC medicine and drugs.
2.       Buy foam board and decide how you want to arrange the different types of
3.        Create an answer key to post on the back of the project or along side the

Cost to make the project: $15.00 (Will vary based on what you already have
available in your home)

Actual cost to purchase a version of the project: $119.25 at
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