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Title of Project: Fitness Dice           by Rebecka Bornhoft

Purpose of the Project:
These dice are a fun way to get students moving so they
can show how their heart rate changes after physical activity.

CSHE Area that this project aligns with: Personal Health and Fitness

Health Education GLEs that this project aligns with:
FS1E1: Predict what happens to your heart rate during physical activity.
ME1AK: Identify behaviors that keep a person healthy (e.g., physical activity, sleep,
good nutrition, clothing, hygiene)
ME1D1: Recognize that physical activity increases heart and respiratory rate

Developmentally appropriate grade or grade-range: 1-5

Equipment/Items needed to make this project:
2 foam cubes, 6 pieces of felt, one package of push pins, one black sharpie

Specific directions:
 Purchase two foam cubes (walmart)
2.        Purchase felt or material to cover cubes
3.        Wrap cubes with fabric and use push pins to hold it in place
4.        Use a black sharpie to put numbers on one cube and different physical
activities on the other cube.

Cost to make the project: $7.00; It took me about 1 hour to complete this project.

Actual cost to purchase a version of the project: $13.75 + shipping
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