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Title of Project: Food Pyramid Poster and Matching Game        by Amy Fine

Purpose of the Project:
Students will classify foods based
on their food group.

Description of the Project: This poster shows the new food
pyramid outline, but it is missing all of the foods.  Students
will use the poster on a magnetic board to match the foods
with the correct area.

CSHE Area that this project aligns with: Nutrition

Health Education GLEs that this project aligns with:
ME2A2: Identify healthy food choices (see in
each of the five food groups (sorting play food or pictures
into food groups).

Developmentally appropriate grade or grade-range: K-3

Equipment/Items needed to make this project:
1 white poster board, large strips of colored paper (orange, green, red, blue,
purple), colored markers (orange, green, red, blue, purple), 50 pictures of labeled
food choices from each of the food groups (pictures displayed are from http://www., laminator, magnetic strips with
adhesive backing

Specific directions:
1.        Use a large ruler to trace the outline of a pyramid on the poster board.
2.        Approximate the ratios of each color based on an image of the new food
3.        Draw lines from the top of the pyramid to the base (using the ratios already
marked) using a large ruler.
4.        Hold the large strips of colored paper over the outline to trace out each
colored section and cut out.
5.        Glue the large strips of colored paper onto the pyramid.
6.        Label the pyramid sections with coordinating colors in colored markers.  
Then, label the poster “The Food Pyramid” with the same markers.
7.        Cut out the 50 pictures of labeled food choices.
8.        Laminate the 50 pictures and the large poster and cut out.
9.        Attach small magnets to each of the laminated 50 pictures.

Cost to make the project: $5; I only used resources available at the school
media lab.  I only paid for colored printing on campus. 60 minutes; I spent most of
the time cutting out the 50 pictures of labeled food choices before and after
laminating, but tracing out the pyramid can also be tedious.

Actual cost to purchase a version of the project: $43.95
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