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Title of Project:  Health Score Board  by Jessi Yates
Purpose of the Project:
Make students more knowledgeable about their food
intake and goals.

Description of the Project: Scoreboard that tracks food intake from each food
group as well as how many times the person brushes their teeth.

CSHE Area that this project aligns with: Personal Health & Physical Activity

GLE(s): HE1AK: Identify behaviors that keep a person healthy (e.g., physical
activity, sleep, good nutrition, clothing, hygiene)

Developmentally appropriate grade or grade-range: K-4th

Equipment/Items needed to make this project:
Scoreboard (laminated) with each of the food groups and a daily recording chart,
dry erase markers

Specific directions:
1.        Circle the amount of servings you got for that day.
2.        Add them up out of the total amount that you are required to get a day.
3.        Calculate how you measure up weekly by adding up the amount per week
into the recommended amount per week.

Cost to make the project: Free/2 Hours

Actual cost to purchase a version of the project: $3.25 each (
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