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Title of Project:  Healthy Food Matching Game        by Chelsea Marshall
Purpose of the Project:
Models healthy food choices, and that our bodies need a
variety of foods to stay healthy.

Description of the Project: This simple matching game has sixteen different
healthy foods that are duplicated for the purpose of matching.  It enhances
student's knowledge of what healthy foods look like and that we need a variety of
foods in our daily diet.

CSHE Area that this project aligns with: Nutrition

GLE(s): ME2BK: Recognize we need a variety of foods each day.

Developmentally appropriate grade or grade-range: Pre-K/K

Equipment/Items needed to make this project:
Computer generated pictures of different foods (found online via Google)
Cardstock paper

Specific directions:
1.       Google and search different types of foods in the different food groups (i.e.
apple, carrots, bread, meat, etc.
2.        Save these pictures to your computer.
3.        Copy and paste these pictures into a Word document and arrange them
where they are big enough to be used as matching cards (about 1.5 to 2 inches
4.        Print the document twice, so you will have two  of each picture.
5.        Cut the pictures out to form the matching cards.
6.        Glue the pictures onto a piece of cardstock, making it more durable.
7.        Optional: laminate the cards for maximum use
8.        Optional: write the name of the food underneath its picture.

Cost to make the project: About 50 cents to buy the cardstock paper.

Actual cost to purchase a version of the project: 14.95 according to
Homemade Health: Visual Aids, Games, and
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