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Title of Project:  Healthy vs. Unhealthy Foods        by Cindy Myers

Purpose of the Project:
To expose students to the difference between healthy
and unhealthy food choices by sorting play food items into groups.

CSHE Area that this project aligns with: Nutrition

GLE(s): ME2A2: Compare and contrast the effects of nutrient-dense and
empty-calorie foods on the body (e.g., soda/skim milk, chips/apples,

Developmentally appropriate grade or grade-range: 2nd

Equipment/Items needed to make this project:
play food in a plastic container, salad tongs (also help fine motor skills), and
laminated mats labeled with healthy and unhealthy areas

Specific directions:
1.        Make mats using copy paper and construction paper, laminate
2.        Collect play food (place in a plastic container or basket).
3.        Place large salad tongs in with the pretend food.

Cost to make the project: Less than twenty dollars

Actual cost to purchase a version of the project: $144 at

Key Points: What foods were healthy?  Why was one drumstick healthy and
another not?  French fries vs. baked potato?  What foods have empty calories?
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