Language Arts:
Template for Lexicons (1st-5th)
Vocabulary Instruction is critical to students' reading comprehension.  Slide
1 geared towards first grade.  Slide 2 geared towards second grade. Slides
3-5 are all geared towards third grade.  Slide 6 geared towards fourth
grade.  Slide 7 geared towards fifth grade.

-Introducing Helping (Auxiliary) Verbs (approx. 3rd)
.PPTx file (must download to be fully functional)
.WMV file (must download to play video of Helping Verb jingle)
Interactive PowerPoint meant to be used with SmartBoard to introduce
helping (auxiliary) verbs.  Begins by reviewing verbs and verb types.  
Teaches through examples and non-examples and interactive activities.  
Final pages include a small moving circle in the top right hand corner to
challenge students to answer questions within a set time.  Preview as PDF
by clicking top link, but must be downloaded as PPT file to be fully

-Reading Blog Example (6th-8th)
We often ask our students to respond to their reading in daily reading
journals.  Because of the increasing importance of technology for our
students, it is important to integrate technology in the classroom when
possible.  Here is an example of what an electronic reading journal could
look like.  This reading journal or blog was written while reading a middle
level book
Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli.  It is an abbreviated version, of
course, because the book was completed in just a few writing sessions.  
This blog is completed using WordPress, but many free blogging services
are available online (for example,
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