Activities: Journaling Assignment

Students will write in a daily reading journal.  They will be required to write at
least 2 pages each day after the assignment is given.  These pages should be
the student's summary and reaction to the text.  This could be done in various
ways.  One way would be a double entry journal.  For instructions on this format,
see here.
Another way to do this is by giving students question prompts to reflect on.  You
may also choose to do different ways with different students.  Some students
may need the structure this second method provides.  For questions to use for
this format, I recommend using questions from
this place.

Story-telling Writing Assignment

The goal is for students to write a story with a clear plot (beginning, middle, and
end) and descriptive details which develop the story further.  I highly
recommend using this link:
Imaginative Narrative .  Depending on your
classroom, this can be used as a WebQuest or as a teacher resource from
which you print and modify pre-made instructions, examples, story prompt
ideas, rubrics, editing check-lists, and more.  If you choose to use it as a
WebQuest, I recommend you choose to consistently refer to it as an
imaginative narrative to avoid student confusion or at least explain that it is a
similar name to fantasy story-telling.

For characteristics of a good storyteller also see:
Click Here

Vocabulary Assignment: Click Here Retrieved from ABCTEACH.COM
Unit 5: Get Real!: the Fantasy genre
Lessons and Other Resources
by: Amy Fine