Unit 5: Get Real!: the Fantasy genre
Annotated Bibliography of Reading Texts Used

Abbott, T. (1999). The hidden stairs and the magic carpet. New York:
    Scholastic, Inc.
    AR Level: 2.9
    Eric and his friends find entry into the world of Droon by using a staircase
    in Eric's basement.

Baglio, B. M. (2001). Cat in the crypt. New York: Scholastic, Inc. (Original work
    published 1999)
    AR Level: 3.9
    Mandy is haunted by dreams of a mysterious cat. Could it be because
    she is worried about Bathsheba, a tabby cat who has disappeared?
    Does the strange, stone-colored cat of her dreams have something to tell

Chang, G. (2008). Jin Jin the dragon. Brooklyn, NY: Enchanted Lion Books.
    AR Level: 4.1
    Jin Jin the dragon does not know what kind of creature he is, so he
    embarks on a journey, assisted by other animals he meets along the
    way, to find Old Turtle and Crane, who will help him learn his identity.

Colfer, E. (2009). Artemis Fowl: Vol. 2. The Arctic incident: The graphic novel.
    New York: Disney.
    AR Level: 3.0
    Adolescent criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl, must join forces with his
    nemesis, Captain Holly Short of the LEP fairy police, to save his father,
    who has been kidnapped by the Russian Mafiya.

Dahl, R. (1964). Charlie and the chocolate factory. New York: A. Knopf.
    AR Level: 4.8
    Each of five children lucky enough to discover an entry ticket into Mr.
    Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory takes advantage of the
    situation in his own way.

DiTerlizzi, T. (2003). Spiderwick Chronicles: The field guide. New York:
    AR Level: 4.2
    When the Grace children go to stay at their Great Aunt Lucinda's worn
    Victorian house, they discover a field guide to faeries and other
    creatures and begin to have some unusual experiences. The coauthor is
    Holly Black.

Farias, J. (1997). Algunos ninos, tres perros, y mas cosas  [A few children,
    three dogs, and more things]. Espasa Calpe Mexicana.
    AR Level: 4.1
    Cuentos que cautivarán a los lectores por su hermoso lenguaje. Tratan
    del enorme poder de la imaginación infantil.

French, J. (2007). My dad the dragon. Minneapolis, MN: Stone Arch Books.
    AR Level: 3.4
    Horace has received an almost impossible homework assignment at the
    King's school: he has to kill a dragon, which is even more difficult
    because his father is one.

Jacques, B. (2007). Redwall: The graphic novel. New York: Philomel Books.
    AR Level: 2.8
    This book is a graphic novel adaptation of Brian Jacques's novel in
    which the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the
    arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes. The text contains
    descriptions of violence.

Focus Text:
Lewis, C. S. (1995). The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. New York:
    Scholastic. (Original work published 1978)
    AR Level: 5.7
    Four English school children find their way through the back of a
    wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist Aslan, the
    golden lion, to triumph over the White Witch.

McMullan, K. (2003). 97 ways to train a dragon. New York: Grosset and Dunlap.
    AR Level: 3.3
    After a mysterious egg hatches into a baby dragon, Wiglaf and his
    roommate Angus decide to keep it.

Prelutsky, J. (2008). Awful Ogre running wild. New York: Greenwillow Books.
    AR Level: 5.2
    In a series of poems, Awful Orge picnics with a lovely ogress, bug hunts,
    wrestles crocodile, visits Grandma and does ogre yoga.

Saunders, K. (2009). The little secret. New York: Feiwel and Friends. (Original
    work published 2006)
    AR Level: 4.5
    When she is invited to her new friend's home for summer vacation,
    eleven-year-old Jane discovers that Staffa and her family are not what
    they seem to be.

Shallant, P. (2007). The great cape rescue. New York: Dutton Children’s
    AR Level: 3.9
    Upon entering fourth grade, Fin and his friends think they must stop
    playing superheroes, until they discover that their game might become
    real through a magical cape and the Society of Secret Superheroes is

Smith, J. (2005). Bone: Out from Boneville. New York: Scholastic, Inc.
    AR Level: 2.4
    After being run out of Boneville, the three Bone cousins are separated
    and lost in a vast, uncharted desert. One by one, they find their way into a
    deep, forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures.

Williams, C. K. (2009). How the Nobble was finally found. Boston, MA:
    Harcourt Children’s Books.
    AR Level: 4.2
    After many, many years of being alone, a Nobble finally finds a friend.
Lessons and Other Resources
by: Amy Fine