Activities: Jean Fritz Writing Activity
Students get a chance to practice writing expository paragraphs while also
practicing research skills AND learning about something new.

Click Here for the instructions and teacher/peer reviewer rubric.

Activities: New Jersey vs. Virginia Plan

Students will be given the following resources to learn more about the New
Jersey and Virginia Plans.  Afterwards, as a group, they will be asked to identify
at least 1 strength and 1 weakness for each.  Then, they will be asked to
choose a side and prepare to defend it by taking more notes on the arguments
that side used.  Or, if they would like, instead of choosing a side, they can
propose their own plan which might include elements of both.  Students will
present their argument in class, and will turn in their notes to the teacher
afterwards to prove participation.

See "
assessment" for oral presentation rubric.

Introductory resources:

If you choose the New Jersey Plan, detailed resources:

If you choose the Virginia Plan, detailed resources:
Unit 6: Jean Fritz
Lessons and Other Resources
by: Amy Fine