In parentheses, you will find the Missouri GLE the objective meets and the
learning styles used based on VARK (visual, auditory, reading/writing and
kinesthetic) learning styles.

Guided and Independent Reading Objectives:
    Students will read at-level texts with fluency, accuracy and  expression
    within guided reading groups. (CA R1D4a; R)

    Students will adjust their reading rate to the difficulty of the text they are
    reading during guided reading groups. (CA R1D4b; A)

Mini-Lesson Objectives:
    Students will use affixes and their meaning to predict the meaning of
    unknown words.

    Students will compare and contrast different texts written by Jean Fritz
    (CA R3C4e; V, R).

    Students will identify and explain author's purpose in various texts by
    Jean Fritz (CA R3C4i; A, R).

Other Activity Objectives:

    Students will write two expository paragraphs about chosen topics
    written about by Jean Fritz (CA W3C4 and CA W1A4; R).

    Students will use research process skills to research two chosen topics
    written about by Jean Fritz (IL1A-D4; R).

    Students will research the New Jersey and Virginia Plans of                 
    government.  Students in groups will choose a side and defend it.

State Standards
From Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

R3C: Text Elements
Use details from text to
• retell main ideas
• organize a sequence of events
• identify cause and effect
• draw conclusions
• compare and contrast texts
• make predictions
• make inferences
• distinguish between fact and opinion
• identify and explain author's purpose
• make inferences about problems and solutions

W3C: Expository and Persuasive Writing
Write expository
and persuasive paragraphs with
• a main idea or point to prove
• three or more supporting details
• a concluding sentence

CA W1A4: Writing Process
    Follow a writing process to
    • independently use a simple graphic organizer in prewriting
    • generate a draft
    • routinely revise, edit and proofread
    • independently publish writing

Information Literacy
1. Develop and apply effective research process skills to gather, analyze and
evaluate information
IL1A: Research Plan
    Formulate and research keywords and questions to establish a focus
    and purpose for inquiry
IL1B: Acquire Information
    Locate and use various resources to find information on keywords and
IL1C: Record Information
    Identify relevant information and record main ideas and important details
    in own words
IL1D: Sources Consulted
    Informally give credit for others’ ideas, images and information found in
    various resources

Anticipatory Set:
This is a great video if you can get your hands on it, available on cassette.

Another option is to simple use these resources from Scholastic.com:
Unit 6: Jean Fritz
Why care about
learning styles?
Miller, P. (2001).
Learning Styles: The
Multimedia of the Mind.
Research Report.
Retrieved from ERIC
Lessons and Other Resources
by: Amy Fine